PhosVer® ۳ Phosphate Reagent Powder Pillows, 10 mL, pk/100

Part Number: 2106069


For determination of reactive (ortho) phosphate (phosphorus) by the PhosVer® ۳ ascorbic acid method.
USEPA accepted for reporting for wastewater analysis using Hach Method 8048, Phosphorus, Reactive.
Also used in acid-hydrolyzable and total phosphorus determination, after appropriate digestion.
Sample Size: 10 mL. Pack of 100 powder pillows.

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  • Description :PhosVer 3 Phosphate Reagent Powder Pillows, 10 ml
  • EPA compliant:Yes
  • Instrument:All except DR/3000,
    DR/2000, DR/820
  • Method:8048
  • Method Name:Ascorbic Acid
  • Number of tests:100
  • Parameter:Phosphorus, reactive
  • Platform :Powder Pillows
  • Quantity:100 /pk
  • Range:0.02 – 2.50 mg/L PO4
  • Reference method:SM 4500-P-E
  • Shelf Life:40 months
  • Storage Conditions:10 °C to 25 °C

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